Visa Preparation

Visa Preparation

University / college Application and Admission

We assist our abroad study students in choosing the right University and college as well as right academic program according their previous academic qualification and career goals. Students are assisted in preparing application to their desired college / university and the educational programs of their interest in accordance with the admission and scholarship requirement of different colleges and universities within the application deadlines.
Travel itinerary planning
Once the student obtains the student visa to study abroad, we provide them traveling guidance by making their travel itinerary. Our good relationships with different renowned travel agencies helps students have a good itinerary planning with the least possible cost.
Airport Pickup
Students are provided with the airport pickup facility from airport to respective colleges and universities when they arrive at their destined country.
Accommodation arrangement
Accommodation for the student is booked in advance. Accommodations can be booked on-campus, in an off-campus apartment or with a host family according to the need and budget of the student.
Job Guidance
Students are given proper guidance about the job opportunity in the respective countries as per the laws of the countries where they pursue their studies. In this way students can make some contribution in bearing their educational cost abroad.
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