The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) assesses undergraduate student’s aptitude in both verbal and quantitative skills. The test, comprising critical reading, writing, skill and Quantitative skill, is requirement for admission in most American undergraduate schools. Administered by the Education Testing Service (ETS) and sponsored by the college Board USA, the SAT is a 3 hour 45 minute paper-based test.

Local SAT Test Centers:

  1. Lincoln School, Rabi Bhawan, Kathmandu.
  2. St. Xavier’s college, Maitighar, Kathmandu
  3. Rato Bangala, Patandhoka, Lalitpur.

Test Date:
The SAT tests are not scheduled throughout the year. Every year, the College Board publishes information bulletin.

Orbit prepares a large number of undergraduate students for the SAT. Our teachers are regularly updated with the course and changing teaching strategies. Each SAT class is conducted for two hours per day from Monday to Friday. Like other test preparation courses, this course also runs for 6 weeks. The new scholastic Aptitude Test (N-SAT) was introduced in 2005 by college Board Exams. Even though many colleges and universities do not require the N-SAT of international students, this test scores are highly considered for the assessment of undergraduate scholarship applications in American schools, United States. You can collect information bulletin from USEF Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu or visit the website of college Entrance Examination board. Every Sunday, the test of SAT is conducted to make the students familiar to the test format.

Sections Duration Question
1. 25 minutes

24 Questions

8 Sentence completion question.

4 reading comprehension question.(2 short passage)

12/13 reading comprehension questions.(1 long passage)

2. 25 minutes24/25 questions15/16 reading

      5 sentence completion questions.

      4 reading comprehension question(2 short passages)

      Comprehension questions.(2 long passages)

20 minutes19 questions

      6 sentence comprehension questions.

      13 reading comprehension questions.(paired long passages)

Sections Duration Questions
1. 25 minutes 1 Essay
2. 25 minutes33 questions 11 improving sentences18 identifying sentence error6 improving paragraphs
3. 10 minutes14 questions 14 improving sentences
Total score: 2400


Sections Duration Questions
1. 25 minutes 20 standard multiple choice
2. 25 minutes10 grid-ins 18 standard multiple choice
3. 20 minutes 16 standard multiple choice.
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