The Largest democracy in the world India has gleaned the best from its association with world through the course of history. Much sought after for its spices right from the days of Christopher Columbus, India is still a star tourist destination.

Hindi is the national language but English is commonly used for official purposes and is offered as subject in most schools. As against 2820 languages in the entire world, as many as 325 languages are spoken in India alone. It is said that dialect changes every 8-10 kilometer.

Indian schools are progressive and work actively to promote consciousness amongst students on global issues. Information Technology is a popular focus area. Schools are keen to link up with the world and welcome an opportunity to learn and share their experiences.

Being a secular country India has no state religion and people of all major religion co exist peacefully in India. It is a popular saying that there is festival for every month of the year in India.

India also offers a choice of weather. When it is hot and sunny on the plains it can be pleasant and cool on the mountains. It may be actually possible to experience snowfall, rain, and hot desert winds all at the same time of the year depending on where you are traveling in India.


College Name Location Course Fees In 2 yr Avg Placement
International School of Management Excellence Bangalore PGDM 4.45 lacs 3.5 lacs
Accman business school Greator Noida PGDM 5 Lacs 3.8 Lacs
Amity Global Business School Noida PGDM 5.6 Lacs 4.2 lacs
Birla Institute of Management Technology Greator Noida PGDM 8 Lacs 6 Lacs
EMPI Business School New Delhi PGDM 5.5 Lacs 4.2 Lacs
Era Business School New Delhi PGDM 6 Lacs 4.2 Lacs
Faculty of Management Studies New Delhi PGDM Less than 1 Lacs 14 Lacs
Fore School of Management New Delhi PGDM 8 Lacs 8.5 Lacs
Fortune Institute of International Business New Delhi PGDM 6.30 Lacs 4.5 Lacs
G.L. Bajaj Institute of Management and Research Greator Noida PGDM 5.25 Lacs 3.5 Lacs
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Medical College

College Name Location Course Fees In 5 yr Avg Placement
Rajshree Medical Research Institute Bsreilly MBBS 7.9 Lacs PA
Saraswati Institute of Medical Science Ghaziabad MBBS 7.3 Lacs PA
DJ College of Dental Sciences & Research Ghaziabad BDS/ MDS 9 Lacs BDS
Harsaran Dass Dental College Ghaziabad BDS/ MDS 8 Lacs
ITS Dental College Hospital & Research Centre Ghaziabad BDS/ MDS 8 Lacs
Shree Bankey Bihari Dental College Ghaziabad BDS/ MDS 7.5 lacs
Kalka Dental College Meerut BDS/ MDS 7.5 lacs
Rama Dental College Ghaziabad BDS/ MDS 7.5 lacs
Seema Dental College And Hospital Rishikesh BDS/ MDS 7.5 lacs
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Engineering College

College Name Location Course Fees In 4 yr Avg Placement
Doon Valley Institute of Engineering & Technology Dehradun B.Tech Apprx 5 lacs 3.5lacs
Beehive College of Engineering Dehradun B.Tech Apprx 5 lacs 3.5lacs
Dolphin (P.G) institute of Biomedical & Natural sciennce Dehradun Paramedical 3 Lacs 3.5 Lacs
World College of Technology & Management Farukh Nagar, Gurgao B.tech 5.5 lacs 3.5 lacs
Tula;s Institute of Engineering Dehradun B.tech 5.5 lacs 4 lacs
Kurukshetra Institute of Technology & Management kurukshetra B.tech 5.3 Lacs 3 lacs
Academy Of Business & Engineering Sciences Ghaziabad B.tech 5.3 Lacs 3 lacs
Accurate Institute of Engineering & Technology Greator Noida B.tech 4 Lacs 2.7 Lacs
Ansal Institute Of Technology Gurgaon B.tech 5 Lacs 3.5 lacs
Apeejay College Of Engineering Gurgaon B.tech 5.5 lacs 3 lacs
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