Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is required by most of the universities in the US for admissions at graduate level. GRE scores are one of the determining factors of scholarship opportunities for graduate studies. It is an online Computer Adaptive Test administered at USEF in Nepal. The test assesses student’s verbal, quantitative and analytical writing skills that are required for success at graduate level. An information bulletin for GRE can be collected from the USEF at Gyaneshwor. Students should register for the test online or by sending the application form and the test fee to the regional office of Sylvan Learning Centre in Malaysia. USEF in Nepal serves as a test center only. Students can get more information at www.gre.org.

Academic Department conducts preparation sessions for GRE test takers. Three sections of GRE preparation course are facilitated by three different instructors who have been educated in the USA or have a deep understanding of writing expectations of American universities. The analytical writing section is conducted in the forms of workshops where students participate in-group writing activities and receive both peer feedback and teacher’s comments so that they can improve their writing skills.


Section Number of Questions Kind of Questions Time
  1. 1.Analytical Writing
  1. Perspective on an issue prompt
  2. Analysis of an argument.
30minutes 30inutes
2 verbal(2 sections) 40 20*2=40
  1. sentence equivalence questions
  2. text completion questions.
  3. Reading Comprehension Questions


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