Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) also known as the Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) is an international English language examination developed by Cambridge English Language.

This course also serves the same purpose as TOEFL and IELTS do since it assesses the test takers overall language command in English prior to studying and living in countries where English is used as the first language in both academic and non-academic settings.

This course was developed many years ago by Cambridge English Language but was lately introduced in Nepal with a single purpose of catering the need of those who are now a bit behind schedule for admission in their desired courses in English speaking countries due to the disparity between increasing number of dates available for IELTS. CAE is much widely accepted course prerequisite for admission in most of the colleges and universities in English speaking countries.

Reading 1 hour 15 minutes. Shows you can deal with different types of text
Writing 1 hour 30 minutes Shows you can write a variety of text types, such as essays and proposals.
Use of English 1 hour Lets you demonstrate your knowledge and control of grammar and vocabulary.
Listening 40 minutes Shows you can follow and understand a range of spoken materials.
Speaking 15 minutes Shows you can communicate in real-life context. You take the test face-to-face with one or two other candidates.

 The test takes 4 hours 40 minutes to complete.

 Difference between CAE and other proficiency tests:

CAE is made up of five exam papers unlike TOEFL and IELTS which consist of only four papers (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking)

The additional one paper known as Use of English, which tests knowledge of grammar and vocabulary could contribute to improving the language proficiency of candidates by giving them a chance to rectify mistakes in terms of grammar and that can also add bricks in others sections thus: improving the overall the score in CAE.


IELTS band score Cambridge English: Advance (CAE) Score Cambridge English: Advance (CAE) grade/ CEFR level
8 80 Grade A(C2)
7.5 74 Grade A(C1)
7 67 Grade B(C1)
6.5 58 Grade C(C1)
6 52 CEFR B2
5.5 47 CEFR B2
5 47  

Test dates

The exam is available up to 33 times a year with test dates available at least once every month. New dates are being added to meet increasing demand.

Requirement for CAE exam registration:

Recent passport size photographs- 2 copies

Valid Passport photographs- 2 copies

Registration fee

Complete Application form


Why CAE at Orbit?

Certified and experienced CAE teachers.

6 weeks of instruction and added instructor support.

Weekly test; partial and complete.

Fully digital and cozier classrooms.

Authentic study materials.

Ample access to Self- Access Lab and Library.

•      No power failure to disrupt classes and practice.


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